What Happened To Destin Pfaff and Rachel Federoff On Millionaire Matchmaker?

Destin Pfaff and Rachel Federoff patti stanger millionaire matchmaker

A new season of Millionaire Matchmaker debuted last night and missing were Patti Stanger’s longtime employees and matchmakers Destin Pfaff and Rachel Federoff.

Even worse, zero explanation was giving for the sudden exit of Patti’s long time workers, with Patti just simply introducing us to her three new assistants.

Many are now wondering what happened to Destin and Rachel? Well we did a little digging at Reality Pop, and what we can say is that it doesn’t appear to be an amicable split.

Destin and Rachel spent a lot of time last night retweeting messages from fan who were making it clear that they missed them on the show and the show wasn’t the same without them.

This morning, Destin took to his Twitter  and posted the following cryptic message about his departure -

“For the record, @RachelFederoff & I were not ‘assistants’ – I ran a multi-million dollar company and was a fantastic matchmaker and Rachel was VP of Matchmaking. There’s nothing wrong with being an assistant, but we worked very hard to get to where we were with Patti and the show – and the frustrating public perception that we didn’t do so many many things with her, the company, the clients and the show is now amplified by a false statement that we were ‘assistants’ in tonight’s episode. Ugh. Whatever. Ok moving on- here’s to new film and tv endeavors and @DNRBrands ! We wish Patti and the show much success! We love you friends, family and FANS! Please show your support via twitter and Facebook and any social networking – we love hearing from you ! And yes, we left by choice to pursue new endeavors.”

Interesting that Destin is upset at being referred to as an assistant. Patti also had the following to say via Twitter about their departure -

“Ok guys I’m gonna say it once @destinpfaff @RachelFederoff are off pursuing their own dreams @DNRBrands @SushiGirlMovie I wish them well!”

It seems everyone is talking in circles about the real reason for Rachel and Destin’s departure from the show, but I’m going to go ahead and take a guess that it might have been some sort of contract dispute between them and perhaps Bravo/production company. Perhaps they wanted more money or more responsibilities on the show. Who knows. But it definitely appears that they did not fully exit the show on their own accord. And as a fan of the show, I must say I missed them, and thought they deserved a better exit/explanation from the series.


UPDATE: In an exchange with a fan, Rachel states she and Destin left the show on their own -

rachel mm


  • beckers


  • Christine Brouwer

    The show isn’t the same…

  • Patricia Correnti

    Absolutely loved destin and rache sorry patty but u won’t find anyone to fill their shoes their presence cannot be duplicated

  • http://www.danikelly.com/ Danielle Kelly

    They probably wanted more money and thought they were more valuable to the show then they were. Altough I liked them a lot the show also needed a little facelift as well.

  • pcofwork

    The show was an ensemble, and the three worked so well together. Now, it’s just 3 assistants kissing Patti’s arse. I loved Rachel and Destin! The show will never be the same. BOO BRAVO!

    • chickadee33

      Whatever happened, one thing is clear -either Patti or Bravo underestimated how much the audience loved the energy of all 3 together. Getting generic good looking assistants won’t do much to help the show …but it will probably be good for Patti’s ego.

      • Louise Joles

        yes, get some attractive people who groom according to the decade they are living in

    • jordanhughes64

      I agree.

  • gypsy

    Well the show will not be the same without Rachel and Destin I watched the show tonight when it first started and Patti introduced her new cast that was it for me I turned the show off and will not be watching It anymore

  • tristan_n_isolde

    I really liked Destin and Rachel’s personalities, but they always seemed offbeat for a Millionaire matching service. I’m not impressed with the new crop of assistants, they are far too young and inexperienced. I feel like Bravo re-focused on Patti and her expertise by hiring young assistants – less cooks in the kitchen and viewers will pick up tips by her interaction with the young assistants.

    • chickadee33

      I think that is probably a major part of it. As the Patti Stanger brand becomes more well-known she probably wanted some more slick “assistants” than Destin & Rachel. Hard to know what when on behind the scenes but if one thing is crystal clear it is that Patti looks out for Patti.

  • McCartney2

    nah! loved them on the show wachin season premire– zzzz no longer watching—-

  • Lisa

    I agree. Bravo got.it wrong or Patti Stanger. The way Patti handles her new assistnts is very unprofessional and degrading. I think the show is not the same and should be cancelled. Good luck go you Rachel and Destin. CREATE YOUR OWN DATING SHOW without the stupid Patti Stanger.

    • Louise Joles

      Have you ever noticed how Patti treats most people in an unprofessional, degrading manner? Patti and Bethenny Frankel should marry and leave the country.

  • Michael Brinegar

    I realize as a midwestern Man, ” things are done differently on the Coast”. The Shows are just as good, with the exception of ” Patty” coming across even more “unhappy and mean spirited to employees and clientale”. I have a hard time believing that she is quite, polite and shy in real life, and a complete foul mouthed, deg
    rading, mean spirited, boss. I enjoy watching Men try to Learn how to treat a woman with manners and respect. I personally could do without statements like” did you want to give it to her in the ” . Seems degrading to both the two folks who are learning to date and trying to find that right person to share a relationship with. Really giving out mixed confusing signals. Patty is too succesful to act like a non mannered, no couth person.

  • http://angelasdiscountmarket.com/angela.html AngelaE8654

    Did you notice that all the “new assistant’s” cups said “I heart Patty”. That’s just weird.

    • Ralphus

      @AngelaE8654:disqus I don’t find that strange at all. Before my retirement 13 years ago, I had a coffee mug with a photo of me and my boss, the factory supervisor.

      It said “World’s greatest boss” right there on the mug!

  • Cindy Kay

    Patty, Destin, and Rache were a comedic team. There was camaraderie and lots of laughter; now there is only Patti being bitchy and belittling to her “assistants” and the women contestants. Bad move, Bravo, I predict this will be the final season…

  • Michael A

    I miss them and do NOT like the new season. :(

  • Eddie Garza

    The show will be fine with the new supporting cast. Patti is and always be the star of the show. Too soon to tell if the current supporting members are the right ones as only time will tell. Best wishes to the Federoff;’s in their future endeavors.

  • Jovan

    Absolutely !!! An explanation at the very least! The show is NOT the same and is a bit boring now that they are gone. It seems that Patti was not in their corner sort of speak. If she were they would be there.
    I loved to see what they would wear next- they were smart , fun and cool—- not putting anyone down but you missed the Destin and Rachel swag when you hired your three new pretty people.
    You made a mistake and quite honestly I probably won’t watch as faithfully as I had because its loosing the magic that the show had with the previous cast. All my friends agree. And WE LOVED MILLIONAIRE MATCH!!!!!

    GOOD LUCK!!!!!
    Hope you guys do your own Match show!!!
    Please let us know.

    A fan

  • bao

    Ditto! Show’s absolutely not the same.! Patti is a lil like a loose cannon with all her “F” bombs while Destin and Rachel were so grounded. I was impressed with their changing refined appearance. Sorry Patti, don’t think I’ll be watching anymore…

  • Ralphus

    This reminds me of the time I went on a blind date back in 62. She laughed at my penis.

    I don’t care how famous she is, I wouldn’t let Patti convince me to go an another blind date for all of King Tuts rubies!

  • MiaB37

    Just goes to show the network that Destin & Rachel should have their own show. I really enjoy watching millionaire matchmaker but the new season and cast is boring and not as fun to watch. The cast looks young and inexperienced being on TV . C’mon bravo you can do better .

  • Eddie

    Millionaire Matchmaker will never be the same without Destin and Rachel. I can’t stand the new people Patti got. No personify a bunch of ding bats. Was a big fan of the show from the beginning. Not any more. I can’t enjoy it with the new 3. Same with all my friends. I’m sure ratings went down. I deleted the show from my TVO see ya Patti. Your 3 stooges won’t do not make the grade

  • Katrina Schneider

    I loved them on the show and to me it was clearp that they were not her assistants but her colleges and business partners. As an old school death rocker myself who is also a business professional I enjoyed seeing other intelligent professionals who looked a little left of center but showed the world that changed nothing in their ability to do their jobs well.

  • Cindy

    I loved destin and Rachel. I buy this show from Australia and with patties new staff, they are so boring.!! And such up to her as a fan club,, stupid. Destin and Rachel were genuine and weren’t just assistants, they made the show! !! Sux for your international viewers patti, you or your producers ruined it!!!!!

    • kaliforniaca

      The show is so plastic now with Ms Foo Foo (patti) threatening to fire them every minute.!! Miss Destin and Rachel’s hairstyles – so funky!!

  • Maggie O’Brien

    When watching the show with my daughter, we found it very superficial and Patti seemed to be different than she used to be, we actually did not enjoy the show. I loved Destin and Rachel and throughout the show we kept wondering where they were, what was this new office Patti was in, it just didn’t add up. I found the show changed direction and Patti perhaps is now bigger than all of us and hence why we can’t relate. Oh
    Well, it had a good run, but the new format is not our thing!

  • jordanhughes64

    Patti never likes it when anyone is in the spot light, as much as Patti. Fans liked them to much, and they probley wanted more fame and money. Sadly a 2 sided street of people not valuing the opportunity. Patti was there with her 1st assistant and survived, the assistant did not. Do you even remember her name? I am sure Patti thinks the same will happen. It may or may not. Anyway people should value their good fortune more, on all sides. Someone if not all have to play the more important card. JMO

  • dikki11

    Definitely won’t be watching anymore it’s just not the same anymore.

  • disqus_VXaR63ys4l

    I miss them on the show! :(

  • Louise Joles

    They were fired because they are a worthless freak show

  • Sabrina Hammond

    I loved destin and rachel as much as the next person and will miss them but everyone is freaking out way to much about their exit. Patti and the show are still exactly the same. She’s ALWAYS acted the same way and been just as tough. Give the new assistants a chance and parrot’s original assistants were way way way more boring!

  • Missie

    I have been a big fan of the show since it started . I thought the 3 personalities worked so well. For me that’s what made the show .

    So when the new season began I even had my husband addicted to it since last season.

    We both looked at each other and said what the what ???
    Where is Destin and Rachel ?? I was shocked to hear that they left the show . Destin and Rachel you both will really be missed .

    I will say this to you both . You made the show . And it’s the shows loss . No matter what the reason .

  • Kimberli Sadler-Graham

    Can say that when I go to watch the show I just cannot. I do not feel the chemistry on the show that once was. I wish them all the best of luck but, I’m not down for the new show…

  • mmmfan

    I happened upon a new episode and was disappointed to see new faces and not Destin and Rachel, absolutely LOVE THEM. I will watch the show b/c I love it, but it won’t be the same for sure.

  • MEC

    I miss them! I think Bravo Gould give them there own show called “PUNK LOVE”! It would be great!

  • Mia

    Rachel and Destin are missed. Show is not the same without them. Rachel and Destin have a great relationship and work dynamic together. It proves they do know a thing or two about the subject matter. It’s refreshing to see people on television who do not look like the typical LA plastic and botox. Hope they come back to television or do something with Youtube.

  • Danura Sennate

    Dustin and Rachel, you will be dearly missed. Patty is plain just not fun to watch without those two! Ugh. Goodbye millionaire matchmaker

  • suecarol

    This show is revolting with or without Rachel and Destin. Patti is insufferable and obnoxious.

  • Sandy

    Can’t stand Patty Stanger. She is really low class and needs to learn how to speak english properly. Totally fake. I feel sorry for anyone associated with her. Gross. I believe anybody who has the chance to disassociate from her is very blessed.

  • meddy

    Just spent an hour looking for the old cast hoping they’d “pop up” somewhere. So disappointed. The new cast are so “perfect” looking they’re boring. No “uniqueness” or “fun” anymore. Don’t think I’ll be watching this season. Bring Rachel and Destin back no matter what the cost!!

  • Kiowa

    Just saw the “new” Patti and staff. Definitely has a “new” vibe… and NOT a good one. Won’t be watching any more “new” episodes! UGH!!!

  • beatriz

    I miss you guys it is not the same without you guys I do not like the new people they do not bring anything to the show they are very dull and uninteresting I bet the rating are going down patti you made a big mistake

  • beatriz

    I will not be watching the show anymore if enough people do not watch the show the show well be cancelled and you will be begging destin and Rachel to come back

  • Just Judy

    I’ve watched the show once since they left. Now it’s just the “I’m Patty, guess how obnoxious I can be on this episode” show. UGH!

  • http://www.mgr-removals.co.uk/ Maya Day

    I missed this episode.

  • jo Ann Horwitz

    The show is not the same without Rachel and Destin. How sad. If it’s not broken don’t fix it. Sorry Patti the show is not the same. I watched the new show and it’s not the same. Bring them back.

  • cc120

    Destin & Rachel were an essential element of the show. They knew how to accommodate Patti without giving up on their own personalities, unfortunately the newbies haven’t the same impact.

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